About us

Spread is a Movement in Style created to create.


SPREAD is a movement in style created to create. We bring Berlin’s spirit of individual expression together with fashion innovation to allow you to express your style through curated drops and bold artworks created by collaborating artists.

We care about sustainability

SPREAD’s fashion tech puts creative control in your hands and takes the first step toward a better future. Our print on demand technology means that products are only printed when you order them, eliminating overproduction and massively cutting down on waste. Our products are produced in Portugal and printed in Germany, and our high-quality, long-lasting cuts made from 100% organic cotton will outlast any ephemeral trend.

Essential & Iconic lines

The aesthetic of the SPREAD Essential line is relaxed and sophisticated with long-lasting cuts, making it an ideal canvas for creating individual and personalized artworks and finishing elements. The SPREAD Iconic line is progressive, seasonal and inspired by cultural trends – it makes a statement and is a personal expression of thoughts that inspire others and capture the zeitgeist.