Spread is a movement in style created to create

Movement of Styles Created to Create.

Jeroen Erosie

Grafitti artist Jeroen Erosie is best known for experimenting with abstract letters and shapes in his unique, fluid way. For this collab drop he started with our logo and interpreted it through his own unique lens.

Vitali Gelwich

Vitali Gelwich is a Berlin-based renowned photographer who documents life on the margins of society. He photographed our first drop, which includes a print created by Vitali himself.


Mago is a graphic artist and painter from Chechnya who has been based in Berlin for 9 years. He is one of the talents of our first drop, both as a campaign talent and a contributing artist.


Bridging eras. Blurring realities. Fusing analog nostalgia and futuristic enigmas, our latest drop transcends boundaries, genres, and expectations.